Finally I know the trick to make silky smooth, light & fabulous French mousse cakes!!!

Over the years, after reading a lot of books, watching endless hours of videos, I have tried with many attempts to make mousse cake and that has always resulted in  failure after failure.  6 out of 10 tries resulted in awful grainy rubbery bit that is visibly showing .  Couple times was just too runny that the cake just collapsed as I unmold.  There was couple time  I had some remote success and yet I can still taste tiny little grain of gelatin.  I remember someone once told me that you just have to spend the some money to take a course to learn the trick.  Now I finally under the reason after taking my first course in Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver to learn about French Mousse Cakes.

That is 2 days back to back 8 hours very intense course.  It was a sold out class of 8 persons attended to learn to make the following four fabulous looking mousse cakes: Strawberry & Lemon Mousse Cake, Chocolate Croquant Mousse, Tiramisu Mousse Cake & Cream cheese Mousse Cake with amazingly looking Italian Meringue.  (Tiramisu is from my own because I missed taking picture of Chef Marco’s Tiramisu Cake that’s why that does not look as pretty as the rest)

french mousse course 066french mousse course 130-1

french mousse course 179french mousse course 130

Each mousse cake is composed of  a few different components, so totally we have followed 16 different recipes to complete the above cakes.  There were so many different techniques covered.  If you are into learning truly professional level cake making and decorating, you really should consider taking this course.  I am feeling so grateful that I can attend such professional level course.  I have tried more hobbyist course from Vancouver School Board to learn wedding cake decoration.  Yes, it was a lot cheaper from VSB  but the facility and the quality of the instructor is no where comparable to this school.

You don’t have to bring anything, all the utensil is provided even the apron.

french mousse course 032

I was taking an evening course from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  I was a bit worry I should eat before the course, but I don’t  have to because there is yummy  artisan chef’s homemade bread as snack.

french mousse course 033

Chef Marco is also very generous  instructor.  He  allows us to take as many picture as we like during the course.  That really help me to remember the process.  He is also very friendly, kind and patient.  I am definitely want to take more courses from him in the future.

french mousse course 090

Now after taking course, I am making myself to recreate all the recipes I’ve learned while they are still fresh in my mind.  Stay tune for future update from this blog to see how far I can tackle long list of recipes.  The first cake I will try is Chocolate Croquant Mousse Cake.  It consists of four separate components: nutty croquant dough, flourless chocolate sponge, sabayon base dark chocolate mousse and (the part I scare the most) the soft chocolate glaze. Wish me luck in completing all Winking smile

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