snowy pretty night

indeed very pretty looking from a distant but i really have enough walking on the icy, slippery road… rain will come tomorrow vancouver is back to its good old wet & gloomy days

snowie sunday

the first snow of this year and really pretty outside.  it is great the snow falls on sunday. you can really relaxed and enjoy the fairy tale like scenery outside

almost done…

this is the reason why I havne’t been baking… i’ve been cleaning up the finally restored basement.

mew mew pictures

I don’t have any picture of my late doggie… let me post some so I can see her more often

sign of spring…

pink street time again.. one really pretty with my street is the cherry tree blossom… of course, the sunny clear blue sky is not “non typical vancouver =P” not that I am complaining of anything..

my cookie monster door bell

new dress “up”  a bit… from cool Martigra going cookie monster to geeky i love VoIP cookie monster….

snow…messy… icy…

Vancouver is a city that can’t handle snow.  Just check out the news from last night and u will see what i mean.  less than 5 cm of snow fell already caused numerous accidents.  the inner streets are getting icy and major streets are getting messy…