Huge Dungeness Crab

Crabby was taking its last bath Done steaming, and start puzzling how to eat that

Samurai Sushi Take-out

Maki roll and sushi combo for $25.  That’s pretty good deal and taste quite good too.

Very Yummy Casserole

Made with Califlower, carrot, breakfast susage, a can of cream of murshoom and scereet unexpected ingredients — miracle whips

failed trial of butter tart

soggy bottom this time :(  because I skipped the blind baking step.  must remember never to skip this…

99 cents ikea breakfast

actually not bad… quite an experience to flight for a seat in a packed, crowded and stressed place….

Diet Coke with Splenda

Actually taste a lot sweeter than the one sweeten with aspartame.  i don’t mind switching to this though…

vampire orange

This taste just the same as regular organe. Does not even look that “bloody” because if there really were the colour of blood, you must have a very stale body =P

Supposed to be cocktail buns…

But no idea how to make the filling.  created this coconut, peanut, honey “monkey” bread & regular loaf.  the monkey bread was baked in japanese cheesecake pan… looks quite nice.