Lego and Dino Gummies

Must give this simple recipe a try!! Very simple list of ingredients: 1/2 cup cold water 1/4 cup corn syrup 2 packages of gelatin (14 g) 1 package of ur favourite jello Follow the instruction and the tips from this YouTube:

Deep Fried Oyster

This is actually pretty simple to make (a bit time consuming).  Using cast iron pan to pan fry is actually not messy and doesn’t need as much oil!  Just need 12 oysters, 1/3 cup of plain all purpose flour, 1 egg and 1/2 japanese bread crumb (panko). Dry the oyster in paper towel, season lightly…

X’mas Gathering – Let the mad eating continue!

Spent two days madly cooking & preparing in the kitchen. Funny when I messaged someone I was creating “app”. Others probably assumed I was writing code for mobile device. This roll is so simple to make and so delicious. Check out the recipe from here. Very colourful combination. Quick and simple to make and you can preparing…

Turkey Alton Brown Way

Juicy, yummy and extremely simple to prepare turkey that never fails.  You really have to try the AB way!  It is not too late now, you can brine your defrosted turkey *now* and still in time for your big fat yummy turkey dinner tomorrow! Here is the recipe from food network: Thaw one (12 to 14…

French Toast

Made with the george foreman grill.  Indeed very fast and very very easy to clean up

Empress Afternoon Tea

That’s indeed a very comfortable and relaxing experience.   I really would like to find another place with better quality tea snack.  It was very expensive yet I am very confident that my own baked stuff taste better than those!