Mousse Cake#1: Chocolate Cigarette Tuile & Joconde Sponge

As promise, I am gradually recreating each recipe I’ve learned from French Mousse Cake Course from Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver.  The challenge is recreating the pretty lining of the bottom chocolate sponge which is made from chocolate cigarette tuile and Joconde sponge . BTW, that’s the very picture attracted me to take this course when I was checking out the course site!

French Mousse Cake with Joconde Sponge

After quick introduction of the two cakes we aim to finish that day, Chef Marco showed us a picture of very pretty teardrop mousse cake with amazingly looking sponge cake lining  from Patisserie of Pierre Hermé (That’s a 16 years old hardcover book – hum.. such a different world that a JBoss book from January of 2009 is too old that I think don’t want to waste money to buy, yet good cook books is timeless that even after 16 years, it is still selling for $191(new) or $173 (used))

Anyway, enough off topic thought, when I first see the picture I was thinking “Yeah right, chef  of course you are making that not me, I just cannot imagine I can achieve that”.  But it actually turned out not too complicated and a LOT of fun to make because you get to play with your food.

Chocolate cigarette tuile was effortless to make and extremely tasty even raw!  I first tried to use my Hello Kitty stencil and unfortunately that turned out to be a failure.  The pattern is too fine the chocolate paste only stick to the stencil not to the silicone mat.  Now, I just think of the way to work around this problem, I will try to slightly spray a little PAM on the stencil, wipe out the excess grease then use the stencil.  Hopefully the chocolate will stay on the mat instead of sticking on my stencil.

With this cigarette tuile recipe, the extremely cool thing is  how simple it was to correct mistake!  Just use wide off the failure the bit from the silicone mat and try again.  I still think the best looking pattern is go Jackson Pollock with your finger and draw with the chocolate paste directly on the silicone mat.  It was sooo much fun!! I could just keep on doing this for hours and hours =P

chocolate cigarette tutile base - icing sugar & butterchocolate cigarette tutile base - cocoa powder & cake flour

my chocolate cigarette tile "art"

But I had to stop myself from play and got back to the Joconde sponge.  This is the point you really appreciate taking a course when all the ingredient is already pre-measured for you.  The actual mixing probably at most 10 to 15 minutes, yet the prep work to get the “mise en place” ready took me over 25+ minutes.  One of the more time consuming part was grinding slivered almond into fine almond flour and measuring the correct portion of egg white & yolks.  Seriously, don’t bother making these kind of recipe if you don’t have digital scale.  If you don’t yet have one, just buy one.  The scale is  so cheap these day.

poach apple 058

Just follow biscuits method to make the sponge.

poach apple 059poach apple 060

poach apple 061poach apple 063

Done – as in “ready for baking” done.  Took almost 3 hours to get this this point .  You can compare the before and after baking look…

poach apple 064poach apple 066

Successfully inverted the hot sponge and peel off silicone mat.  Pattern looks pretty decent eh?

poach apple 067

No baking powder use at all – all the leavening is coming from the air beaten into the meringue.

poach apple 077

Yes, pretty, but u can see the big problem with this Winking smile It is too thick!  Look at this after lining a heart shape ring …. oh well, I know what to improve next time. This is definitely I will keep making and attempt to perfect.

poach apple 080

It was 2:30 am by the time this is all done… too tired to start the mousse =P

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