Day 10 – Nepal Day 9 – Trekking to Aust. Camp

I was sleeping right next to the single plate glass window, so I felt quite cold during the night.  Both Betty and Nat couldn’t sleep well because their sleeping bags were not warm enough.  Although it was colder, I was rewarded by seeing pretty sunrise right within the comfort of my own warm sleeping bag.

Although Kazi had not waken us up, we still were able to get up to see sunrise.  Actually the guest was slept in has very thin wall and I have been early noise from neighbour even starting as early as 5am.  It’s ok, I was going to bed really early that I did not really need that much sleep anyway.

This morning was very relaxing, even Kazi, Dawa and Shree were joining us for a long relaxing breakfast.  Kazi brought out his digital camera to record some video.  I am now actually very interested to see what he has recorded.   The route to Aust camp was very short and enjoyable.  Betty was stunned that took such a short time and couldn’t believe we arrived so soon.  Both Dawa and Shree were walking with us that day because it was indeed too easy.

We spent that long afternoon playing card games.  We learned Nepalese matching card game and we also taught Kazi, Dawa and Shree the popular HK card game big-2.  I was surprised that they actually like it.  Too bad I couldn’t teach hearts or euchre because that involved explaining a lot of concept and rules to all of the players.

The starry night was so beautiful that night.  When I looked up, I felt I was blanketed by endless sky with lots of sprinkling stars.  I never see such bright and so many star in the city.  That was such a wonderful experience even my neck hurt a bit by the end of the night.

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