Day 9 – Nepal Day 8 – Trekking to Pothana

The first night was quite cold.  It was 10 to 12C which is not “that” cold by Canadian standard because that’s double digit temperature.  Even for whimpy Vancouverite ;-)  But when there is no central heat, that is already pretty cold.  I felt lucky that I was able to use the rented sleeping bag because that had kept me nice and warm over unlike very thin sleeping bag form Hong Kong.  Even though that’s easier to pack, I probably would never, ever use sleeping bag that’s not warm enough ever since my Contiki experience.  I got sick because I caught a terrible cold because the sleeping bag was not keeping warm though late spring cool night..

While it is still a bit dark outside, Kazi lightly knocked on our window to wake us up to see the sunrise.   It took us  a while to get ready for the cold morning.  I had put on my green fleece jacket and scarf warped tightly around my neck before heading up to the roof top to wait for the sunrise.   It was indeed quite cold as we were waiting.  Sunrise actually did not last very long.  In a matter of a few minutes, the sun was completely out and the surrounding mountains reflects the amazing red-orangey glowing colour.  It was really beautiful.

One really lovely thing with taking a “soft” or “baby” trek was how relaxing we could spend our mornings.  After sunrise, we enjoyed breakfast looking over the stunningly amazing view  of the Fish Tail mountain (Macchapucchre).  I could finally feel the warm of the sun and the sky was so prettily bright blue and clear.  Later, our guide and both porters taught us how to play a local “Carrom Board” game which played our fingers (which was quite painful at times when I did not know how to aim at the disk.  Life can very simple but still fun in a place without my usual basic “necessity” like Wii, Facebook and my MSN.

Ok, back to the trekking.  It was very relaxing walk that day with a lot of frequent stops.  We walked passed a wide grassy slope covered with very pretty tiny blue flowers on the ground.  It looked like the prettiest carpet created by nature.  Accordingly to Kazi,  if you are not staying guest house, you could camp on this slope.  Though that sound intriguing but I NEED a bed =P

During one of the rest stop, I finally noticed my backpack (the smaller one which I carry myself) was falling apart because one of the shoulder strip was almost 80% detached.. I was so worried because it was only 2nd day of the trek, how could I carry my stuff for the rest of the trip.  Luckily, Kazi and Dawa know how to fix backpack!!  So happy to be able to continue to use my 10 years old backpack… I know I should get a new one, but I really like this one even it is not any any famous brand name product.


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