BBC Sherlock – uncontrollably addicted to the show as well as Benedict Cumberbatch


My love with BBC’s Sherlock started back the year end of 2012 when Apple 12 days of Christmas was giving out “A study in Pink” the first episode of the series for free.  Honestly as I download that, I had very low expectation because I could only think of Victorian old look of Sherlock Holmes we just recently see from Robert Downey Jr. I was like … oh whatever, it is free and I knew a smart girl I from the office also like this show, I may as well check out what it is all about.  Wow boy, I was totally surprised and IMMEDIATELY hooked!  The story was brilliant, I love the setting London. The actors are amazing and it is such a unexpected excitement to see 21st century Sherlock.

I have never really watched too much UK drama before Sherlock, and after Sherlock and finding a totally amazing and awesome actor call “Benedict Cumberbatch”, I have been completely converted.  He is not one typical good looking heartthrob, but one will get to like him as you see how brilliant he has been on so many different roles.  He is not just an actor, he also narrated a lot of science documentary that I have watch and never realize he was the narrator.  He was also the voice of dragon in Hobbit!!  You probably tell I am now not just Sherlock addict but also “Cumbercollective” (formally known as Cumberbitches)


Anyway, series 3 is over and there is likely another two years long wait for next series.  To fill the void, I have been making sherlock cookies.  My first attempt cut some corner and use store bought sugar cookies dough.  That totally turned out horrible.  The dough spread too much and totally lost the shape and stamp print.  I had to cheat and stamp on Sherlock immediately after it is done baking.   Lesson learned, don’t cheat and always use my own recipe and make from scratch.

Lazy version of sherlock cookies
Lazy version of sherlock cookies

This weekend, I make another batch of my famous Scottish Shortbread as base of Sherlock cookies.   I think this fitting type of cookie because the co-creator of the show “Steven Moffat” is Scottish.   I am very happy that the cookie stamp I have bought from Japan also work with Scottish Shortbread down very well!

The end result is pretty impressive collection of SHERLOCK cookies that I can gift out as well enjoy myself =)

Neatly packaged SHERLOCK cookies. Do you want one?

I have also done one thing that I have NEVER EVER done before — using something other my trip pictures of just plain colour as background.  I am extremely picky with what shows up on my screen and this is the very first time in my life that I feel I like something so much that I can use a person face on my screen.  Can you guess who that person is?  Of course it is “Benedict Sherlock

Sherlock Rainmeter Desktop

Do you like it? It is actually very simple make

  1. Install rainmeter(
  2. Install sherlock skin(
  3. Pick you favourite pic with good resolution. Set that as background first
  4. Run rainmeter and unload default skins and load in sherlock specific skin.
  5. You can adjust the coordinates and transparency level of the text. Just scatter that out randomly to achieve the floating text feel

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