Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony – comparing CBC, NBC and TVB versions


I did not wake up in the middle of the night to catch the opening live.  Instead, I watched the prime time rebroadcast which is cut to just two hours.  That’s definitely more interesting to see how each broadcaster from different country decided which section is “chop-able”.

The performance is incredibly stunning. I particularly love the ancient drums and tai chi.  It was amazing team work which required a long time of practice.  This is way better than any high tech shows.

NBC(American): watched for ~ 1 hours.  really funny to see how hard it tried to teach the American the different countries around the world.  As each country’s athlete entered, it show with a tiny map on the lower right hand counter.

CBC(Canadian): I watched the full show from start to end for two hours.  I like the presenter did not constantly talk.  That allowed the audience to enjoy the show on their own.   Unlike the American, there was a lot less effort in teaching geography during the parade of nations.

TVB(Hong Kong): finally I can see the full version unlike the trimmed version from CBC and NBC.  However, I really think the presenters could shut up a bit more… I really don’t need you to be constantly yapping…

After seeing this impressive opening, I cannot help but think how hard it will be for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic to have a comparable opening.  We cannot afford that kind of budget and there is no way there is such a huge overwhelming public support for the game.

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