Amazing!  Found that in the back alley… guess that should belongs to gas station near by…


Yeah!! found my way to tim without much walking!!!  This aside from Happy M will be my new stable….

mountain dew “energy drink”

Taste not that “mountain dew” like… probably because it is diet…  (interesting mountain dew background from BBC)

brioche lunch (combo 2, the pizza combo)

disappointed with the pizza, the crust was a bit over-baked. too tough and dry for thick slice.  It was a lot more flavourful and chewier last time. the soup should be potato chowder.  the top layer of oil was a bit too much, and too salty

company has been buying me good lunches…

tuesday — steam work (blue cheese burger) wednesday — lamb serlion (14.95 is bargain price comparing with the equally as expensive pasta) tomorrow — should have a free lunch because of the high school shadow wow… never happen before EVER, well except when I am travelling …