Mousse Cake #6: Ladyfingers Sponge

Like the sweet paste tart dough, this is totally unexpected surprised bonus recipe I’ve learned from French Mousse Cake course from Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver.  Thinking back I haven’t made ladyfingers for years because it is so much more convenient to buy and it is so complicated to make.  Frankly you cannot taste the…

Gingerbread Android – the edible android in contest ready state

Base on the previous post recipe, I have my 2nd half of gingerbread dough sitting in the freezer ready for contest release.  This is actually pretty nice, hugely cut down prep time making it possible to bake up these goodies on weekday during a rather busy week.  Actually the cooling time work out well that…

Steam Buns failure

this probably is  “anti-pattern”  of what to avoid so you will not have ugly wrinked steamed buns like mine too much filling too much yeast did not release all air when warpping the filling heat was too high when steaming.. Any more suggestion or problem you have noticed?

Blueberry Buckle Cake

It is really effortless to baking these kind of cake now.   From start to done prep for baking only took 20 mins

Finally!! The baking toy I wanted for years!!

feeling quite sad and badly need something to cheer myself up.  So, finally  taking the costco $100 off deal. to buy 5QT commerical style bowl lift kitchenaid standmixer.  Now I need a bigger kitchen to properly house this…