Testing Custard Mooncake Recipe

Here is original recipe I received


餡料: 咸蛋黃 1隻
低筋麵粉 14g
吉士粉 12g
雞蛋 15g
鮮奶 60g
椰漿 60g
糖 25g
有鹽牛油 15g

酥皮: 牛油 60g
低筋麵粉 110g
吉士粉 10g
糖霜 30g
雞蛋 24g
椰子粉 少許

餡料做法: 1. 蒸熟咸蛋黃壓碎備用
2. 低筋麵粉/吉士粉加入雞蛋拌匀
3. 取鮮奶/椰漿2匙入②中拌匀
4. 加熱鮮奶/椰漿/牛油/糖至溶
5. 加入③中拌匀
6. 倒回鍋中以小火拌著煮至成團
7. 加入咸蛋拌匀
8. 於入雪糕冷藏2小時成

酥皮做法: 1. 拌匀所有材料
2. 預熱焗爐240℃
3. 包好月餅造型
4. 噴好一層水入爐
5. 240℃上下火2分鐘
6. 240℃上火預格8分鐘

I think I will do a bit of alteration (mainly in the baking temp because I cannot remember when was the last time I bake any ting in 240C.  This is for making 8 mini mooncakes

Ingredient for custard fillings

  • 1 salted egg yolk
  • 14 g pastry flour
  • 12 g  custard powder
  • 15 g egg
  • 60 g milk
  • 60 g coconut cream
  • 25 g sugar
  • 15 g salted butter

Steps to prepare the custard filling

  1. crush and mince salted egg yolk
  2. combine cake flour with custard powder, then add egg and mix until little lumps of  flour are gone
  3. in a medium size pot, combine milk with coconut cream.  Add 2 tablespoon milk/coconut mixture into egg mixture above
  4. add sugar into the milk/coconut mixture cook in medium heat until sugar is melted
  5. pour in the hot milk into egg mixture (slowly and with constant string)
  6. put back the mixture into the pot and  cook in low heat until thicken
  7. finally add in the minced yolk into cooked custard
  8. put the cooked custard in small air tight container and let it cool and set in the fridge for at least 2 hours

Ingredients for mooncake pastry

  • 60 g  butter
  • 110 g pastry flour
  • 10 g custard powder
  • 30 g icing sugar
  • 24 g egg
  • coconut powder (a little)

Preheat oven to 200C. Just mix all pastry ingredients together.  Divide into 8 even little balls and warp filling inside.  Shape the mooncake with mooncake mould and spray a thin layer of water on top of pastry.  Then back for 10 minutes.

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