Gingerbread House Building Contest – the prep

It was many many moon ago when I last built a gingerbread house.  It looked ok but it was just boring to build that house on my own because no one else was interested.  It was a lot a ton of work.   I still haven’t given up this idea, so this year I have asked for some help in my office to help build my house.  That very quickly turned into a “thing” and became a 6 houses building context from all the teams in my office.

It is even more work preparing for this evening but it was so much fun preparing and finally enjoying.

Here is a look at what is involved in preparing the house from scratch:

Tip 1: get a gingerbread house cookie cutter set

I know that it is so simple that you could have downloaded template and trace the template wax paper to create your own template. But it is so much more work. And the proceed of that cookie cutter kits go into   Don’t worry thsi will not be just a once a year thing.  I am certain you can find creative use of the rectangular shapes

random food iphone 519 random food iphone 520

Tip 2: pick you favourite gingerbread recipe

My favourite recipe is originally from Land O’ Lake which I have used to build Gingerbread Android.

Tip 3: keep your gingerbread dough chilled!

It is even more important to have chill firm dough to cut out and transfer to baking sheet without damaging the shape.  I also find rolling the dough on plastic mat was handy for transferring dough back to fridge/freeze for chill time

random food iphone 509

Tip 4: Over-bake slightly

Slightly over bake the cookies for all the walls and roofs to achieve a more sturdy structure.
random food iphone 531

Tip 5: Be creative and look beyond holiday cookie cutters!

RIP tombstone become fancy door and spider flipped up-side-down become alien.   Kitty fits in every where =P

random food iphone 537

Tip 6: it is perfectly fine to just use store bought kit!

It is impossible to bake 6 houses.  Knowing when to get help =)  The key is everyone will be able to enjoy the decorating process

store bought gingerbread house kit

Tip 7: there is never too much icing =)

Prepare extra icing.  I made 3 batches of extra royal icing and we still ran out as soon as we start decorating.

Prepare the decorating station and enjoy making a big mess!

random food iphone 580

It maybe too late to organize party like this in your office, but it is just perfect time to setup gingerbread building party in your own home!

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