Baking Party

It was so much fun to do nothing but baking  for hours non stop.   It is even more fun to do with a group of very organized geek (and wife of a geek).  Here is how I planned to keep ourselves on track – portable tiny white board!  Basic listing of all the cookies we need to bake.   Along with brief instruction and baking time serve as excellent what to do and when.  When u have a long list to attack, you must get organized =)

geeky baking – white board is a MUST

We started with checkerboard cookies.   To speed up the process, I make the checkerboard cookies ahead of time and we only need to cut and bake.   I highly recommend you keep a few block of these beautiful cookie dough in the freezer.   It is so good for entertaining or a quick sugar fix!

Beautiful checkerboard cookies

Decorating station!

Be creative & have fun! That’s the key to decoration.

Apparently the most time consuming and hardest to make to make cookie is actually the linzer.

linzer – the most difficult cookies!

At the end I was packing a mountain of cookies back home!

Two box full of cookies after 5+ hours of non stop baking!

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