Mac madness

green tea macaron

I have been madly baking batches after batches of macarons in preparation of large order of macarons in only 16 days.  I will need to make 100 orange and green tea mac for as wedding bakery snack.  It is easy to make a decent batch occasionally but make consistently many perfect looking macarons is insanely difficult!

I have a few useful tips to share and hope this will also help you.

Tip#1: find a good recipe – this *the* most important key for successful macaron.  I prefer French method mainly because it is much faster to prepare.   Italian meringue method indeed result in batter that’s much easier to handle yet it is just too time consuming to make the Italian meringue. Here is one of my most successful recipe: Sesame Macaron.

Tip #2: use template to help you pipe out uniform shape.  I just happened to have flow chart template kicking around in my house.  I found drawing nicely spaced circle on parchment paper helped me to pipe out uniform circle.  This is much faster than tracing circle object.

Using flow chart template to draw out evenly spaced perfect circles

Tip #3: grind  your own almond. YES it is time consuming but it work consistently.  The best way to grind almond is first measure all your icing sugar and sliver / sliced almonds together and grind the icing sugar with almond.  You have fine dust almond without worrying about over-grounding paste.

fine dust of self ground almond

Tip #4: use powder base colouring.  I find natural colour like using green tea for beautiful light green is the best choice.  It also brings out amazing green tea aroma.  I use a mixture of matcha powder and grinding my own green tea leaves.  This give me both the strong colour as well as wonderful favour!  Another personal favourite is definitely sesame!  It is wonderful fusion favour that you must give it a try!

Tip #5: use lower temp and just baking longer.  I find using 300F was too hot for my oven.  260F and baking for longer actually works much better.  Yes, the baked shell will be a bit drier.  But don’t worry, keep reading because the next tip will help you!

Tip #6: filling your macaron and let it mature for at least 24 hours in the fridge before eating!  This hugely improve the favour and texture of the macaron.  The dry shell absorb some moisture from filling  and soften up a bit.  The favour from filling and shell combine nicely together after mature period!

Tip #7: you must make your own butter cream.  It is another time consuming task.  Trust me.  it is so worth it!!  Here is a recipe I highly recommend because it is relatively simple way to make classic creamy butter cream: 

Hope those tips will help you!  Let me know if you have another other mac tips to share!

packaged neatly


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  1. mydearbakes says:

    This is so amazing! I got hungry just by looking at your post! =)

    1. maguro says:

      thx =) given the sesame mac recipe a try! it is really not too complicated to make

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