Geek ♥ Trains

I love taking train even it maybe more expensive than cheap flight.  I just love the comfort and view.  Yes, it does take longer but it is just wonderful experience.  In my recent trip to Spain and Germany, I have bought 5 days train pass in Spain and 4 days pass in Germany.  The total cost was $624.27 while my flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt was only $751.61.  Here are some pictures with me and my favourite train rides.   I always have my biggest smile when I am inside or close to trains!

Germany DB – Regional Express

Took ICE, then a couple regional express from Frankfurt to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  It took about 2.5 hours and it was wonderful experience.  After long days of non stop walking, this is best way to stretch out my feet and lay back and enjoy the beautiful view of the Romantic Road.

Germany DB – ICE

I was a bit tired and the seat was so comfortable that I almost instantly fell asleep during my ride from Munich to Frnakfurt.   The train running in 192 km/h is probably slower than how the German drives on the autobahn =P

Germany ICE (Munich to Frankfurt)

Spain Renfe – IR 3065

Even with rail pass (which is not cheap), you still need to pay reservation fee which was 10 euro.  This is a slower train which took almost 5+ hours from Algeciras to Granada.  Walked around a little then sat down to watch my favourite TV show on the laptop while it is plugged in and charging.  Doing all these without feeling trap in my tiny seat.  This 5+ hours just passed by so easily.  Besides, it was fun to attempt to communicate with guys sitting opposite from me.  He spoke only Spanish I spoke only English.  But we both know Doraemon and I shared one of home-made Doraemon cookies with him.

Renfe Spain – 5 hours slow train from Algeciras to Granada

Spain Renfe – AVE

AVE(Alta Velocidad Española, Spanish High Speed) is the high speed new train.  This route from Toledo back to Madrid was so short that I really don’t think we need that kind of high speed train.  I know taking bus would have taken roughly the same time and likely cost less, but hey, don’t you just love the beautiful train station in Toledo?

Spain Renfe AVE – 35 minutes ride from Toledo back to Madrid

Have I inspired you take a slower yet more comfortable path to travel now?

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