PathTest from Algeciras

This is my fourth geeky post during  my “Impulsive Travelling 2012: Spain & Germany”.   I have been running a session of PathTest whenever I have WIFI connection.   Please remember to follow this blog if you are interested to see the geeky side of my latest trip =)

The main reason to go to Algeciras was either taking  a ferry to visit Tangier or walking across the border to see a piece of rock (Gibraltar) that is still occupied by the British.  At the end, I opt for the easier to route visit.  At 28.8 euro per night, I stay in a hotel is only 6 minutes short walk from main train station and it has  incredible view of busy Algeciras port.

Busy Port of Algeciras – view from my room
PathTest (TM) v.4.6.0 build 4639
 Copyright (c) 2011, AppNeta Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Testing to ...
 Test Settings:
 Protocol: ICMP
 Direction: bidirectional (outbound and inbound simultaneously)
 Duration: 5 seconds
 Socket buffer: 373760 bytes (365K)
 Local IP:
 Remote IP:
 Default RX buffer: 8 KB
 Actual RX buffer: 365 KB
 Default TX buffer: 8 KB
 Actual TX buffer: 365 KB
 MTU: 1500
 16.413 MBytes -->------>------>------>------>------>------>------>------>
 10942 packets                                                           |
 5.000286 seconds                                                        |
 Total = 6.378 Mbps | Each way = 3.189 Mbps                              |
 Received                                                                V
 2.061 MBytes <------<------<------<------<------<------<------<------<--
 1374 packets
 5.170296 seconds
Like PathTest? Then check out It provides even more key
 network performance metrics (without flooding!) enabling continuous testing
 of end-to-end network performance without impacting your production traffic.
This very comfy and large room for only 28 euro a night!
View from my hotel window busy port with ships heading to Africa

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