PathTest from Frankfurt

As promise, through out my “Impulsive Travelling 2012: Spain & Germany”, I will keep running a session of PathTest whenever I have WIFI connection.   Please remember to follow this blog if you are interested to see the geek side of my latest trip =)

This is my third time stopping by Frankfurt and I continue to stay in Best Western Hotel Plaza because of its location.  It is close enough to train station (about 5 minutes walk)  yet it is not busy.  Honestly, every time I stop by Frankfurt to for connecting to another city.  Being nice and close train station is always a big plus!  I really plan to stop at Frankfurt for some shopping and good rest.  No major sight seeing/activity planned.

The internet in this hotel connection feels smooth.  I am continuously using my laptop, iPad and iPhone and not notice any issue.  Here is the PathTest result.

PathTest (TM) v.4.6.0 build 4639 Copyright (c) 2011, AppNeta Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Testing to ...
Test Settings:
 Protocol: ICMP
 Direction: bidirectional (outbound and inbound simultaneously)
 Duration: 5 seconds
 Socket buffer: 373760 bytes (365K)
 Local IP:
 Remote IP:
 Default RX buffer: 8 KB
 Actual RX buffer: 365 KB
 Default TX buffer: 8 KB
 Actual TX buffer: 365 KB
 MTU: 1500
 18.135 MBytes -->------>------>------>------>------>------>------>------>
 12090 packets                                                           |
 5.001286 seconds                                                        |
 Total = 687.010 Kbps | Each way = 343.505 Kbps                          |
 Received                                                                V
 286.500 KBytes <------<------<------<------<------<------<------<------<--
 191 packets
 6.672382 seconds
Like PathTest? Then check out It provides even more key
network performance metrics (without flooding!) enabling continuous testing
of end-to-end network performance without impacting your production traffic.
Basic single room – clean and comfy (but not big)
View from my Frankfurt Best Western Hotel Plaza balcony
Day 1: Frankfurt (Best Western – Hotel Plaza)

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