Piped Butter Cookies

Piped Butter Cookies

Pretty sophisticated looking cookies eh?  Actually from start to finish, I can finish making these cookies  with in one and half hour.  The best thing is that I can do all the mixing by hand without bring out my kitchen aid!

This is one of the cookies I have learned from pastry training course: The World of Cookies.  After taking that course, I have discovered making cookies does not always  have to be boring chocolate chips or peanut butter cookies.  With just a little more patient and technique, you can turn basic buttery goodness into this beautiful looking cookies.

This one starts with high quality marzipan (at least 50% of almond).


This is the colour of high quality marzipan

high quality mazipan

Mix the marzipan with icing sugar, butter until smooth.  Then fold in meringue.  Finally sift in the pastry flour.  That’s all you have to do to make the cookie batter!

soften marzipan with butter and icing sugar added meringue to batter add all pastry flour at once batter done! ready for pipping

This is probably the hard part of making this cookies.  Definitely need a lot of practice to pipe out consistent looking size & shape.  How does those round look?

circle of sweet buttery life ;-)

If starting with circle is a bit too difficult, try making the basic rosette cookies first.  Look just as pretty and much easier to control.

basic rosette piped buttery cookies

This is the light golden brown colour

perfectly golden brown piped cookies cooling

You don’t have to have fancy decoration.  Just sandwich your favourite jam between two similar size cookies.  Dipping a small part of cookie into melted chocolate is a great idea from Chef Macro.  Not only cookies look much prettier, the chocolate also help to hold the sandwiched cookies together!  Just brilliant idea you can pick up from real professional pastry chef!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Your cookies look beautiful. I never thought about piping the dough. Thanks for posting this.
    Greetings from north of the Arctic Circle.

    1. maguro says:

      Thanks =) Piping cookies is a lot of fun! You can make custom shape & design for special occasion too!

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