Finally I got this fishy pan!!  I bought this from Seoul.  During travel, I always like to bring back bake-ware as souvenir for myself.  Not only this is practical and useful, using that tool/utensil bring your back to the trip.  It also brings back fond memory where I have bought that and how I sometime has to guess what certain tool is for  from language that I  don’t understand.


This is such a basic and simple snack to make!  Including making my own home-made custard filling, it only took 35 minutes to make this yummy “fishy” cake =).

Fishy Pan, simple basic batter and home-made custard filling
Fishy Pan, simple basic batter and home-made custard filling

Here is the Taiyaki Batter from Cooking With Dog – How to Make Taiyaki たい焼きの作り方:

  • 100g Cake Flour (3.53 oz)
  • 2/3 tsp Baking Soda
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 1/2 Egg (30g/1.06 oz)
  • 100ml Water (3.38 fl oz)
You just need to mix together the above ingredients (make sure no lumps!).  Then lightly oil the heated pan and pour in batter, add favour filling of your choice (red bean paste is awesome too!). Add more batter on top and cook in medium high heat.  Cook until fish is pretty and golden brown!
Really pretty!  Love'em
Really pretty! Love'em
Highly recommend you check out the following youTube video for detail steps!  Really helpful!