iBrot #5: Mexican Conchas

Mexican Conchas
Mexican Conchas

Mexican conhas is actually very similar to Hong Kong’s pineapple buns.  There is a thin buttery, sugary crust cover plan basic white bun.  You can get fancy and put in sweet filling like red bean paste.  But the basic bun allows you to serve with a “slice” of butter in a middle of toasted warm conchas.  It tastes good but not necessary good for you ;-)  Hey you need to spoil yourself every now and then.

Started with neatly and evenly created a dozen plan white little buns (I have followed Bread Bible advice from Rose Levy Beranbaum. She suggested adding a couple tablespoon of whole wheat flour to plan white to enhance favour. That really does work, you cannot taste whole wheat but the plain white bread feels earthier)

Plain Bun in the Bottom
Plain Bun in the Bottom

The sugary crust – yes, I think i was a bit too heavy with green colouring. Next time I will not put in as much. Probably will try orange too.

Sugary Crust on for the Top
Sugary Crust on for the Top

Cut a round top and place on top of the white bun. Very simple to make! Cut a little weave pattern to make it more interesting.

Pretty but Delicate Topping
Pretty but Delicate Topping

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