iBrot #3: Tofu Red Bean Bun – an pan (とうふあんパン)


tofu an-pan 030

A little unexpected shape & form eh?  Yes, this is not your usual round puffy looking an-pan.  I have seen some google image search call this style “yaki-an-pan”.  The bread is actually still very soft.  Even this bread is made with tofu, you really cannot taste that, so don’t worry if you are afraid of tofu.    The taste is very very subtle.  The tofu provide a lot of moisture to this dough.  Yes, it is a very stick mess to knead but fun!  The best is without additional fat from butter, this bread still remain soft and tender after a couple days.

Humm… I have forgotten which geek video I was watching.  Should be related CSS / javascript optimization.

tofu an-pan 005

Still look like your normal an-pan now…

tofu an-pan 012

Here is the trick!  cover the bun with silicon pat(smooth side touch the buns).  Then put another baking sheet on top.  Heat from  top and bottom will nicely brown the bun on both side and ..

tofu an-pan 014

And you end up with disk look

tofu an-pan 017

I have extra dough, so put the rest in cube bread box and end up with basic lovely tofu toast

tofu an-pan 024

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  1. Sheryl says:

    Hey, looks great! Do you have the recipe?

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