iBrot #1: Swiss Berne Brot (Swiss Orange and Nutmeg Bread in Beautiful Winston Knot)


2011-05-29 Baked Swiss Berne Brot

This is first of my weekly bread challenge. I was extremely impressed by the look & smell of this bread. At first I couldn’t find the instruction on how to braid the bread. As I was about to give, I find this extremely useful blog post explain this with detail pictures step-by-step guide.

Started with a bit of kitchen gadget!! So much less work to zest lemons & oranges now!!

Swiss Berne Brot 031

Also bought 5 kg of bread flour! Good workout because I was carrying them on my backpack and taking Canada Line home from Richmond.

Swiss Berne Brot 032

I put in too much sugar with yeast in my first try to wake up the yeast so u see dead one. So I retry without sugar and result in happy living yeast (one with bubbles) .

Swiss Berne Brot 041 Swiss Berne Brot 040

My best kneading buddy – iPad playing Google Tech Talk (JavaScript the Good Part by Doug Crockford). Notice the rectangle ceramic dish, is the best (and cheapest) iPad stand! I bought for only 99 cents from kitchen supply store in Richmond (close to Aberdeen Centre)

Swiss Berne Brot 048

Here is personal little tip to knead bread in a small kitchen without proper counter space. I finish the sticky mixing process in my largest mixing bowl first. Then transfer it to my marble board. It is so much neater and easier to handle! Highly recommend getting a full set of stainless steel mixing bowls and marble board. They are must have items in a kitchen!! BTW, notice my sticky hand! I DID knead by hand this time!!

Swiss Berne Brot 044

Here is any probably special (but some may say odd) kneading trick I use. To make sure the entire dough it evenly and completely kneaded, I break up the dough into smaller trunk, then toss the chunks around and knead the pieces back together. It does tak longer, but it works!

Swiss Berne Brot 049

Done!!! Kneading my first brot!! Well I did hand kneading before but it is a low smaller portion with softer and easier to knead dough.

Swiss Berne Brot 053

After first rise, ready to cut out into 6 even size portions. Check out the cut look. Looks pretty eh? Another must have for anyone serious about baking is digital scale. Extremely handy to measure ingredients accurately and

Swiss Berne Brot 071 Swiss Berne Brot 075

Swiss Berne Brot 076

Ok, rolled to strings… but something looks wrong, how come the strings are so thick?! So I double-check the recipe and oops, that recipe should yield two Swiss Berne Brot, I should have cut in 12 pieces. No problem, just more rolling to stretch out the string and cut in half

Swiss Berne Brot 079

Ready for braiding!!

Swiss Berne Brot 083

Almost done …

Swiss Berne Brot 084

Just flip and tuck and yeahhhh my first Winston knot!! Well actually my 2nd because I completed one during the class but frankly I had no idea what I was doing.

Swiss Berne Brot 089

Done two and put in my daiso bread box and put into the fridge for cold ferment

Swiss Berne Brot 095 Swiss Berne Brot 100

The next morning took it out of the fridge and let it return back to room temperature and wait until they double in size.

Baked Swiss Berne Brot 024

Looking too plain.. so added poppy-seed, much prettier eh?

Baked Swiss Berne Brot 034

Done baking!!

Baked Swiss Berne Brot 043

Taste testing and check out a lice of the beautiful bread

Baked Swiss Berne Brot 077

Made this bread while watching:

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