Artisan Bread Baking – Bake Around the World – Ethnic Breads

ehtnic bread (iphone) 034

I really love my previous French Mousse Cake Course, so I have to go  back to Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver more baking course!  This time is artisan bread (Bake Around the World – Ethnic Breads).  I do frequently bake bread but I usually take a lazy short cut using my bread machine to make the dough and I shape and bake it in the oven.  The resulting bread normally turn out OK but does not taste that great.  Just like the French Mousse Cake Course, this  intensive course covered a lot of recipes in the short eight hours.   Highly recommending anyone who is very serious about making high quality bread.  You definitely should  to take the whole set of courses not just this one.  The reason why I decide to only take one it because I notice at there is one kind of bread that I don’t have to knead.  I don’t think my body can handle so much kneading.   Even doing just half (maybe less than half) of  kneading, that was enough to give me “ab workout”.  Apparently the way I knead does require ab muscle!  Ha, bread machine is like full body workout for me.

The above pictures was taken on day 2 of the course from Chef Marco’s table (that’s why all the breads look so perfect and pretty).   See the picture below the breads we complete on the first day after only four hours.

Here is the complete list we have covered

  • Mexican Conchas (I had attempted similar style of bread call Taiwanese Pineapple Buns)
  • American Golden Corn Rolls
  • Portuguese Corn Bread (Bora)
  • Swiss Bern Brot
  • Hokkaido Milk Toast (Tangzhong, Japanese pre-dough style)
  • French Chestnut & Mushroom Bread
  • Scottish Baps (this one I actually made at home before.  Of course the cheating bread machine version)
  • Middle Eastern flat bread with Za’atar (Manakeesh Bil Za’atar)
  • Japanese Tofu Bread & An-Pan
  • Swedish Knaeckbebrot (Flat crisp bread –I’d like to call this “the Sedins’ bread”)


Just like French mousse cake course, I am committed to recreate and practice all the  recipes at home.  Better yet, I have decided to make use of the kneading time to learn something.   So I am pairing each bread making with at least one session of Google Tech  Talk Video.  With sticky dough on my hand, I just cannot stop the boring geek talk (at time there is unbearable speaker and really boring topic.. but most of the time it has been informative and interesting!)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nooo says:

    what is the colourful bread called?

    1. maguro says:

      it is Mexican Concha. Soft , sweet & butter bread =)

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