Mousse Cake #9: Very Successful Italian Meringue Decoration with St. Honore Piping Tip !!!

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I was not very happy with my previous attempt to St. Honoré decorating piping head.   One of the issue was the wrong texture of the Italian meringue making it very hard to pipe out nicely.  A lot of   Another problem was that I actually don’t even have a basic round mousse ring.  The nice circular  pattern just would not have work well in heart shape cake.   So once a month, I reward myself with new baking gadget and this time I got myself two 12cm cake rings.  It is pretty small, but it certainly looks very fancy and the best part, you feel less guilty even if you finish off the whole cake all by yourself Winking smile

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Start with sweet paste base. This time I also have followed the complete recipe and make chiffon sponge base base on Chef Marco’s recipe.  The original recipe asks for 25 eggs! But the recipe is nicely scalable because it is by weight.  So I make 1/5th of the recipe and it still turn out very nice!  I also have my own chiffon cake recipe (probably should post in here to share in later later).  That recipe works very well but only when I used 7 eggs , 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar , 1/2 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of oil (everything is basically 1 cup which makes is super easy to remember).  But my recipe only works in a tube pan and cannot be scaled.    This chiffon sponge is baked on sheet pan (now thinking back, all the sponge cakes I have learned were bake on sheet pan).  This is just how to mass produce versatile cakes in different size and shape.

2011-04-23 mad baking

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