Mousse Cake #8: Tiramisu

I normally make more traditional tiramisu  which does not need gelatin.  It is interesting to learn a different style which is lighter in taste and it holds its shape.  Frankly I do love the taste of my own tiramisu recipe .  Next time I will adjust my own recipe and see if I can fill this fancy looking lady finger with my own tiramisu filling.  Since I had extra chiffon sponge cake layer, I just line bottom with half of the sponge cake (I cut the round horizontally to get a thinner layer).  To avoid lady fingers sticking to the mousse ring, I line a couple pieces of wax paper.  I brush a layer of espresso (I did not add sugar nor liquor and that was  a big mistake!)   The taste was just not right with only espresso!!!

tiramisu 017

On top of the espresso soaked sponge, I spread a rather generous layer of tiramisu cream, add the other half of the sponge cake, add espresso again and fill the more cream filling almost till the top.    This is ready to go into the fridge and and wait overnight for cream to set.

tiramisu 020

Unmolding time… so happy that the lady fingers stay tightly without falling apart!

tiramisu 026

Don’t need much decoration, just add cocoa powder on top.  Already quite pretty.

tiramisu 028

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