Mousse Cake #7: Very Berry Crème Bavaroise Mousse Cake with Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake

Finally a cake following all the detail steps to build all different components for this tiny 6 inches mousse cake.  You probably finish the whole cake in 5 minutes, yet the whole process can likely take up to 5 hours!  Here are the components requires to build this mousse cake:

  • The top part you see blackberry + a little bit of blue berry mousse, inside layer is strawberries mousse
  • seperated two different kind of mousse with very moist and tasty chocolate chips sponge,
  • The side of the cake is lined with Chocolate Cigarette Tuile & Joconde Sponge.

I think by now I am almost all done with all the sponge cakes I’ve learned from the mousse cake course!  I love this one the most because it is soft moist and still very light.  The chocolate bites so favourful.  Just amazing combination!

lemon tart 002lemon tart 004

lemon tart 011lemon tart 008

lemon tart 048

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