Chinese Sesame Steamed Bun

steam bun 068

It was a long time ago (back in 2005) when I took this Chinese dim sum course.  I almost spend one whole day in workshop and to learn many other type of dim sum.  Unfortunately, this is the only one that I can recreate back at home.  I can never knead the bread dough by hand.  This is why I normally rely on my bread machine to prepare the dough.  But the portion of the recipe is too small to make with bread maker.  I really haven’t done any exercise for months.  So I get started with something simple like kneading small portion of bread dough.

Here is my little trick to make kneading a little easier.  After kneading a while, to make sure the entire dough is evenly kneaded I break it into small pieces and knead them back together.  This really does work!  Repeat this process 3 to 4 times and I find I reach to perfectly kneaded dough in much less time and effort!

steam bun 014

Then I divided up the dough into each portion (but I next time I will have more white and less coloured).  I rather like the pattern with more white.

steam bun 021

When I finally warp the filling, I realize I missed a very important store.  I did remember to freeze the filling so it is harder and easier to warp.  But I forgotten to smooth the filling into round balls so my first warped bun was a little spiky.   See if you can spot which one I warp first with unsmooth filling.

steam bun 055

The buns look pretty but the filling was too greasy.  Will need to use different recipe in the future.  The filling does not taste very good.


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  1. OMG yummmmmmmy I want to make this now! LoL

    1. maguro says:

      I love to eat Chinese steam buns. Soft, warm fluffy buns that bring back sweet childhood memory =) When parents brought us (me and my brother) to dim sum, they always ordered steam buns!! So full and satisfying!

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