Mousse Cake #5: Italian Meringue

Egg is one of the most amazing ingredient for baking!  Actually I first fallen in love with baking was during making of sponge cake  in my secondary school cookery class.  Looking the runny bridge yellow liquid transfer itself into pale foam and bake into sponge cake was like magic!  Italian meringue does the similar magic but without the yolk.  It actually does not taste too sweet.  It is almost like much softer marshmallow texture.  The most fun part of making using blow torch to slightly brown the top.  The smell is like roasting marshmallow on open fire. Bring you sugar high just smelling that!

This is my first attempt made with an giant close tip I bought from HK years ago.  I have also made eclair with the same tip.  I think it turned out very nice and any imperfection is disguised by the pretty hello kitty cookie in the middle

fatboy torch 026

I went to Ming Wo in Lansdowne Centre and stand in the cake decoration corner for more 15 minutes to check each tip to to look for St. Honoré tip.  So I had to pull out my  iPhone and google the tip # (880 if you are interested)  Take it to the counter to ask for that.  At first I thought I had to go to Langley to get it, it me it mean field tirp to a city between Vancouver and Calagry  .  I was really happy that after calling the main store  Chinatown we also find it.  Thanks to the well connected Canada Line. I was able to Chinatown from Richmond in around only 30 minutes.  I was so excited that I immediately  use the tip that night!

lo por cake 071

It is very hard to burn only light even brown colour.  Must practice more!

My cake stand is only plastic base.  So I need to “create” my own fire safe cake stand by inverted 8” or 6” cake pan and 9” spring form pan bottom.  I just save myself $50 dollar (the price of Revolving Cake Decorating Stand from Amazon)

fatboy torch 005

My new toy in the kitchen – blow torch “fat boy”.  Brother and I were reading the instruction and safety guide.  That took a lot longer than actually using it.  I also make sure brother was standing next time me with fire extinguisher ready!

fatboy torch 008

This is how the “naked” Italian meringue look like

fatboy torch 009

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