Mousse Cake#4: Crème Bavaroise (Bavarian Cream) Mousse Cakes

This is the very first time I can finally consistently produce sooth texture mousse base after learning the trick of temperature control, method of mixing the ingredients and most importantly the correct portion of gelatin.  I still couldn’t find gelatin sheet, so I have been sticking to recipe that just happens to use the whole package of powder gelatin.  Even with digital scale, it seems difficult to measure such small amount.   I very happy to report that I have already successfully completed 3 different kind of crème bavaroise!!

  • poached apple (with lemon juice)
  • blueberry & black currant yogurt
  • lemon & graphfruit yogurt with bites of raspberry (this is my favourite!)

sesame macaron 046 iphone random 071geek mousse 027

Chef Marco suggested we can substitute any fruit puree in season(except kiwi, pineapple and papaya – check out Good Eat season 5 ep 12 for reason  ).  Looking around the fruit section in the super market, the only locally grown fruit was our delicious BC Spartan apple.  So I decided to try my best to make it work with what we have got.  I searched around to look poach apple recipe but couldn’t find many.  So I just wing it again. Used one vanilla bean, 1/4 cup of sugar and  a tiny bottle of sprinkling wine I bought from Frankfurt airport (I was totally planning to drink that during flight but bag was totally seal off)  The poached apples turn out very nice.  Soften & sweeten with wonderful vanilla smell.  I like this favour  a lot more than cinnamon.  I filled the poached apple mousse in adjustable mousse ring line with Joconde sponge.

poach apple 033sesame macaron 042

sesame macaron 052

See how the smooth and straight edge is!  The trick is using blow torch slightly melt the side before unmold.  Since I couldn’t finish all the mousse at once.  It was very helpful to learn to trick of when is a good time to freeze the partially completely mousse cake and what kind of mousse cake is suitable for freezing.

unmolded apple mousse 001unmolded apple mousse 015

Here is the decorated look.  Blueberry sauce was supposed to be a thin layer of decoration on top but I put on too much and it kept leaking.  So I attempted to fixed it be mixing the cream with blueberry sauce resulting in the follow rather pretty looking purple.  I made the basic half sphere white chocolate ball as decoration and the square pretty chocolate was from the course.  Chef Marco let us take some of his pretty chocolate pieces home for decoration.   I like this colour combination.  Good save ?!

apple tart 035

The name of my 2nd mousse cake was “For the Love of Geek”.  On top of the lemon & grapefruit  bavaroise cream, I just added a thin layer of red current jelly jam.  Very basic & simple.  Why it is geek love?  Looks the chocolate Lego persons!   Do you know any computer who does not love Lego   I bought this Lego ice-cube mold from and loving it!.

geek mousse 012

See how much fun I have with this mold from my Facebook album.

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