Mousse Cake #3: Chocolate Croquant Mousse Cake

This is not simple but I definitely want to master this one!  So this will only be my first try. Will keep on trying until successful!  Here is how my first try looks like:

sesame macaron 077

It is fairly complicated involves four recipe to complete.  I have never done any of the before this course.

Nutty croquant crust in the bottom (we used hazel nut in the class and I tried with walnut, I definitely like the hazel nut version a lot more!)  Walnut turned out more bitter…

french mousse course 137

chocolate croquant mousse 008

Flourless chocolate sponge – not hard to make.  So delicate yet so intense chocolate favour.  When it is in between the mousse layer, it just completely melt in your mouth along with mousse!

french mousse course 170

Chocolate mousse —  I made with 72% dark chocolate and the taste turned out to be a bit strong than I like.

chocolate croquant mousse 005

Had a bit over over, so I filled my Taiwanese pineapple cookie molds with the left over mousse to make tiny mousse cake. Two bites size only, but cute!

chocolate croquant mousse 019

Soft chocolate glaze.  I did not make this as I had a small tub of glaze taken from the class.  When I make it next time, I must make a LOT more, it was  hard to get a nice smooth and complete cover when I did not have enough…

sesame macaron 068

Left over bite size bits turn out quite pretty

sesame macaron 101

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  1. blukrystal says:

    Hihi! This is Florence ah. Seriously, when are you going to open up a shop!?? ^^ Keep it up!

    1. maguro says:

      Thx so much for checking my blog. I really only like the process of making and don’t have much interest in the business running side of a bakery.

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