Mousse Cake #2: Sweet Paste Dough

Such a surprised that I have learned this recipe in mousse cake course! This is a very versatile pastry dough. Like Chef Marco suggested, make one (when you have time during weekend), and keep in your fridge. You will have lovely tart in no time any day of the week.

The texture of so much easier to handle than other sweet paste I’ve tried before. This is by far the easiest to handle and it rolls out beautifully. The shape stay nicely. No shrinking at all – I did not even need to put the rolled pie crust in the fridge. Just rolled out and bake!

apple tart 038

Sweet Paste

poach apple 040poach apple 043

If you want something quick and brain dead simple to make you can consider trying American Test Kitchen version of “No-Fear Pie Crust”.  The taste is not the same as buttery sweet paste, but that’s indeed the simplest foolproof method.

Once you have such a lovely dough, here are the endless option you can consider.  First thing of course making some tart.  Our BC local beautiful spartan apples were on sale last week, so I bought a huge 5lb bag. This kind of all purpose apple fits nicely in apple tart!  Good favour yet still firm enough to hold up during the long baking.

apple tart 040apple tart 045

apple tart 052apple tart 056

Look at the pretty side profile of the tart!  Nice colour eh?

apple tart 086

Still need to work on laying out a neat and pretty pattern of apple slices.  Also did not caramelize enough.  Would like to see slightly more browning on the apple slices – not the pie crust Smile with tongue out

apple tart 097

This is only one of the four products produced from this batch of sweet paste dough.  More is coming!

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