Gingerbread Android – the edible android in contest ready state

Base on the previous post recipe, I have my 2nd half of gingerbread dough sitting in the freezer ready for contest release.  This is actually pretty nice, hugely cut down prep time making it possible to bake up these goodies on weekday during a rather busy week.  Actually the cooling time work out well that I could squeeze a few compiles and debug and fixed a couple bugs.

So I have taken suggestion to make the green outline version because they looks cuter and more like android.  In addition, also cut out the head and arms part to make chatty & arm waving version.   Unfortunately, I ran out of green frosting so I had to switch to just plain white.  How do u like the slight alteration?

Same template, new cut and endless option to play with the final decorated cookies.  Now thinking more about that. I should have prepared s script and create a “movie” by making slight movie and combine all …

gingerbread 019

Here is the decorated yellow eyes android.  I couldn’t believe I actually ran out of candy in my house.  Had to use tiny chocolate chip morsels as buttons.  Still look ok i hope. Or do you think mini M&M would have been better?

gingerbread 034

Here is the green outline version same as practice release.  No big change except I ran out of jelly beans so I have to switch to chocolate whoopers.  Still fun looking, actually I love the taste a lot more than jelly beans.

gingerbread 039

Here are the assembled look – still drying out the frosting.  Seems hard but actually pretty soft and easily damaged at this point,   I did tear off some frosting on one had to do a repair.  Still notice the uneven line after my repair…

Waiting for the icing to dry and firm up.  See how the gingerbread androids look comparing to its original template.  Pretty close eh?

Bring all the them into office and ask for idea to tell a more interesting story.  Here is a fun one with Android “overdosed” on apple Winking smile

Androids eating too many apples ;-)  One is not feeling very and releasing excess apples in the bottle =P

My composition is a bit boring .. no story

gingerbread 124

They are just pretty ordinary looking ones. But they taste great and it was  a ton of fun to make.  Go and try it, it was just a bit time consuming to cut out the cookies but otherwise, pretty easy recipe to make.  Highly recommend spending the extra effort to make the royal icing following previous post’s recipe.  I learned that from a wedding cake decoration class and find the consistency is the best and easiest to control.  The dried icing also has a little glossy look.  Well worth that effort.


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