Okonomiyaki – Finally very successful try!

Followed the recipe from Cooking with Dog. The key to success is following correct portion of flour, water and cabbage by weighing in scale.  Buy a digital scale that allow you zero out, it is extremely useful in the kitchen!  The taste is this recipe has more depth because of the addition of baby dry shrimp.

The following ingredients can make one giant okonomiyaki,  if you have such a big griddle.  Otherwise, you can make three five inches smaller ones.  I had to make substitution because I don’t have all the ingredient. Besides, I am sticking to the sprit of okonomiyaki (putting in anything you like ;-)  Do give this recipe a try because it is simple and a lot of fun to make!  Check out the youTube video first so you have good sense of the process, then you follow the recipe below.

– Batter –
100g Soft Wheat Flour (3 1/2 oz)
140ml Dashi Soup (5 oz) – I used her trick of instant dashi powder and that still tastes pretty good and cut out much prep time
1/4 tsp Baking Powder
1 tbsp Grated Yamaimo (Japanese Mountain Yam) – skipped this because I couldn’t find it
A Little Bit of Salt

Mix the above ingredients first, then you go to chop the cabbage.  This also provide time for flour batter to relax

– Batter Con’t-
200g Cabbage & Welsh Onion (7 oz) – I use the white part of green onions
50g Boiled Octopus (1 3/4 oz) – don’t have any so sub with more shrimp
8 Deep-Water Shrimps
Sakuraebi (Dried Pink Baby Shrimps)
Tenkasu (Bits of Deep-Fried Tempura Batter) – this is the funniest substitution, I used rice crispies instead
Beni Syoga (Pickled Ginger) – just used finally chopped fresh young ginger
2 Eggs

100g Slice Pork (3 1/2 oz)  – just use 3 slices of bacon (yum!) not mix that into the batter, just cut into shorter 2 inches strips and set aside


Turn on medium heat and prep the pan with a quick spray of Pam.  Spoon in batter evenly in circle (reserve a tiny little bit) Then put a few slices of bacon on top of the batter, use the remain batter to cover the bacon.  This helps keeping the bacon stick during flipping.  Cook both side (flip a few times to make sure both are cook to nice golden brown).

– Toppings –
Okonomiyaki Sauce
Long Green Onion – skipped this because I am not a big fan of green onion
Dried Bonito flakes– don’t have that handy again,but really should get some because it is so pretty to see the bonito flakes “dancing” on top of the okonomiyaki
Aonori (Green Laver) – substituted with seasons dry mentaiko with nori (the ones you normally put in onigiri)

Finally on the bacon side, use a brush to spread the okonomiyaki  sauce on pan cake.  Then sprinkle the green onion.  Squeeze some mayo on top.  Add the bonito flake and serve!


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