High Roasted Butterflied Turkey (base on American Test Kitchen Recipe)

After watching American Test Kitchen program about this special way to prepare a very crispy skin and juicy turkey, I told myself  I have to give this try to prove if this indeed as simple and tasty and the recipe claimed.  I have to agree the process of making everything ahead indeed free up a lot of time during the day of baking.  The only thing you have to do at the day is just popping the turkey into 450F hot oven and roast for 1 hr 30 minutes to completely well done turkey.

Unfortunately the dressing turned out pretty bad.  It was just very soggy at some spot and extremely dry and even burned in another place.  The flatten turkey is much easier to serve but it lost the elegancy of craving a the whole bird in front of your guest.  I am also not sure why this bird turned out much drier than expected after sitting in the brine for one whole night.  Here is the hardest part – cut out the backbone and rib bones to flatten the big bird.  Very shape chef knife and a lot of courage is required to complete this process.

After drying in the fridge for 24 hours, notice the skin is darker.  This has done the magic of super crispy skin after baking!

Roasting the big bird with stay-in probe to alert when turkey has reach done temperature  Just to be safe, also use this instant read to check.  It was indeed slightly higher temp which may explain why the turkey turned out a bit dry?!

Overall, I think this has been very interesting experience to prepare this bird and very happy with crispy skin.  However, I will not make this again as I don’ t think the taste is remotely comparable to  Alton Brown’s version.  (Check here for my previous attempt with AB’s version) Alton 500F following low oven temp baking result in both petty looking skin with super juicy and tasty meat. The prep time was much less too!!

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