Day 4: Oh deer.. oh dear… oh deer

Nara is no doubt the cutest city I’ve visited so far.  All the symbols, selling item has deer either cute or serious face.  But deer is still a deer, it just never looks serious enough for me =P

I got up at  around 3:50am and couldn’t fall back to sleep again.  At least the night before, I got up and still managed to go back to sleep for a couple more hour.  I still don’t feel tired (mind) but my feet are hurting.  Really, I haven’t walked that much today.  It just the accumulated physical activities that’s getting to me.  I am current sitting on the Shinkansen heading to Nagashi-Horoshima.  Odd, everything single time I am sitting on any train, I immediately doubt myself and think I must have gotten on the wrong one.   I do have track recording constantly getting on the wrong train regardless which region.  The worst one was in Austria getting on one that’s not even running and I felt so oddly empty for a long time sitting that and while missing my real train.

Anyway, but the the main topic – the deer, the deer town – Nara.  Since I was up, I end up watching a black and white English movie.  I did not quite follow the story line as I kept on channel browsing. I was so bored that I even took a video of my channel browsing.  It is kind of fun to show yet even when you have a huge selection, that still does not mean much when they all appeared pretty similar.

Oh well, I had a really nice breakfast looking over the JR train station and surrounded area.  Actually I have to say the setting is nice and pretty but the food is border line acceptable.  I shouldn’t have ate so much bread and pastry….because they were alll pretty bad.  There was a couple basic item that cannot go wrong were ok, the rest I barely force ‘em down my throat.  The miso soup was slightly better than terrible taste yesterday, but no way close to Toyama’s.  I really prefer simple, less selection of really tasty and warm feeling food.  The best thing of this morning was only the coffee which is finally strong and decent.   Come on, I know Japanese can be excellent coffee,can’t you just do a decent job when coffee does not cost at least $5 a cup. Now thinking, I don’t even know why I was willing to spend 800 yen on a cup of basic ice-coffee before.   That was 9 years ago… maybe the economy was not bad and everything was booming and costing a lot more.  But now, it is definitely much cheaper.  I actually had a pretty decent (not great quality, but no bad) set lunch for only 650 yen which include soup, veggie, a bean curd side dish, pickle and pretty big bowl of rice.  After that lunch, I was so stuff that I skipped dinner…

Nara must see is really just the deers and todaiji and around.  otherwise, it is just a pretty ordinary town to me.  Todaiji does not has the proper bright and glorious like other big temple in HK.  Arguably even poor country Naple’s temple is even better maintained.  I suspect it may have to do with shinto still more important religion for the Japanese.  I can see the neighbour shinto temple is so much prettier.  You can actually see people are actively using it for day-to-day worship.  I saw a bit of wedding there and a couple new born baby mothers bring their babies  warp in something looking like baby kimono and hanging all the well wishes card went to that temple for some special ceremony.

After the walk around the temple and deer park =P I was totally exhausted that I was like the old lady who has to sit on bench in the park to rest up before walking even one more step.   As soon as I went out of the park, i had to find a place for lunch, mainly looking for somewhere to sit down. Thinking back I would have been better off to just getting a nice pricy coffee than eating that oversize lunch.  I should just waste some food..rather than eating all…

After lunch, I was still too tired to find any more place to see in Nara, I just went straight to the hotel and unfortunately was was close completely till 3pm for cleaning.  I ended up stopping by a local drug store (kind of like London Drug in Canada but in much smaller scale I bought a couple instant packages of curry for fun and some candy because they are really cheap.

I really want to avoid Osaka for some reason that I ended up taking much much longer train ride to tonight’s destination.   The fact that a person in training was reserving my ticket is totally not helping.  She gave me wrong information and definitely waste at least one hour of my time.  Wonder if i can complain JR about that :P

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