Day 3: Kanazawa – the city of gold

I am starting this blog writing in the middle of the Kenrokuen Garden because I have found the best spot of the garden. It is so comfortably breezy and lightly shaded.  Besides, my feet are hurting, so I have to find a place to sit =P  Just sitting on a wooden bench, looking up at the beautiful clear sky.  It is 28C today, definitely much much hotter.  It is still fairly dry so it is actually quite nice.  I hate those hot and wet weather.  I am thinking century ago when this garden was created for the local lords, they may probably writing they daily journal the under such pretty setting.  Two in two that my originally planned “highlight” of the trip turned  out to be not that of my expectation.  Yet, I have absolutely no regret going to those cities.  I ended up finding more interesting and memorable discovery by going to those places.

The garden is pretty, but is it no Butchart garden like the one in Victoria. It is some what comparable as the free QE park in Vancouver.  QE park definitely has pettier flower agreement but the garden here has very unique oriental landscape.  Maybe I come in the wrong time, I suspect spring sakura (cherry blossom) watching and autumn red leaves must be awesome in here.  Now, everything are just green, a bit boring =P

I was glad that I had dropped by the tourist info centre to ask for more advice for where to see in Kanazawa.  Going to Higayashi (the geisha) district was very nice.  Fun to get lost in tiny alley with almost endless and slightly maze like rows of old building.  Even I was definitely lost at times, I still felt so relaxed and comfortable.   I actually ran into an old lady reaching out to help me even without me asking.  I attempted to response with my limited Japanese and she ended up spending a LOT of Japanese explaining the direction in very detail that I did not understand a word what she was saying.   No sign of any geisha.  After seeing the old district, I just followed my gut feel and found my way to a local market street.  Pack jammed with small store selling fresh fish, various kind of shellfish, veggie, and a lot of wet slimy prepared sea weed.  I even found my beloved mister donuts there =P  I had my light snack/lunch there.  Also bought myself croquettes for snack later.  I think the only thing I would like to try is zaru-soba if I can find one.  Would be nice to eat with a bit of seafood tempura too.  Ok, this is my next mission, then head to 100  yen shop for some junk shopping =P

Ok, I am totally rested up now.  Ready to get started again.

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