Day 1: NRT stuck in transit day


I am taking NEX now heading to Tokyo, then change to Shinkansen which is the faster one hour ride, then switch to local express train for a slower two hours ride going all the way to Toyama.  Really, it is the process not the destination that I am after :P

The Delta flight is as expected.  Extremely basic.  Back to the level same as when I was taking my first from  HK to Vancouver.  At least I could occupy two seats and which make the whole trip a lot more bearable.  Overall, I feel more relaxed than CX because there was not annoying crying baby.   The flight would be perfect if there was power adapter for me to plug in mewboobi and do some blogging or even play stupid freecell nonstop.

The food was not good, but still acceptable in that flight.  I definitely had worse meal from Air Canada.  But I still will not take this discount flight that require going through the States EVER!!!!

Looks like I will spend an hour in Tokyo station before going on another train, wonder what I can see in such a short time.  My primary concern now is the battery will not last long and I just want to find a place to recharge before it run out.  Only 2 hours of usage, every time I shutdown and restart will drain more power…. on well

During the 1 hour wait in Tokyo, I did a bit limited bookstore browser,  too bad that I couldn’t see much because of my giant backpack is blocking me from walking inside.  Too sad, I couldn’t even find my beloved book magazine – orange page.  Hope I will be able to find from other store.  On yes, I forgotten to mention, I did one really stupid thing.  I desperately needed to go the washroom.  Even when I was carrying my backpack, the laptop bag, my green shopping bag which is overly heavy because I stupidly fully filled my  bottle and put in side the bag… with all those, i still have to use a squat toilet in an extremely tight space.  I was totally risky peeing on my backpack … that’s how tight the space was… oh well.. i think the backpack still felt dry, but I think that’s wayyyy too dirty to be put on any clean surface now.

One more thing, i felt totally lost inside Tokyo station.. just too big.. too many many many line to switch to. too many shops to distract me.  Must avoid that place =P

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