Day 0: PDX marathon-ism run to connecting flight


I am now sitting in front of gate D15 waiting to be board.  Still letting row 30 or above to get in.  This is totally awesome travel with mewboobi (my Acer Aspire One netbook).  It is so light and so convenient.   How come it take so long to board??  Anyway, I am not sure if there will be adapter outlet for mewboobi.  Maybe I should start to conserve my usage?!  It shouldn’t be too hard to kill time when there is 500+ guide book to read and do the final preparation for “Sudden Madness  Nippon Edition”.

After 5+ mins, still going up to 25, and i am on 23A.  Maybe I shouldn’t take such a front seat. But then I really have to rush out ASAP to catch my train to Toyama.  Toyama has nothing interesting to see. so it was a good choice to pick that as a quick stop for just a night of sleep and getting myself ready for Takayama which is supposed to be a lovely old town.

I am too spoiled by CX & BA quality flight.. I am not sure if I will be able to stand the lack of person monitoring and adapter to run mewboobi for 9 hours.. ok, maybe I should get a strong drive and sleep for the rest of the flight.  Don’t bother doing or attempting to do much =P

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