Day 2 – Nepal Day 1 – flight to Nepal

Still trying to adjust to HK time, so I woke up at 3:30am.  I was staying in my uncle’s place  in Sheng Shui.  It was very breezy and cool at night even without air conditioning.  Everyone must have sensed I really like dim sum that majority of the time I eat out in HK was going for dim sum ;-)   I had yet another dim sum (breakfast this time, it was dim sum lunch the day before)

After breakfast, I got to relaxed for a couple hours before meeting with my two secondary school friends (who were also my Nepal trip travel-mates).  I first met Natalie at Sheng Shui station and asked her to exchange major of the Canadian dollar.  Lucky that I have done that, the Canadian dollar had dropped so painfully that I couldn’t believe it.

Yes, it is a bit unusual, we were flying to Nepal from mainland China.  This was not because we wanted to save some money to get the cheaper ticket.  It was because there was not free space to fly back from Nepal back to HK on the day we plan to leave.   This had been an interesting experience but I would rather never repeat this.  It was quite troublesome to haul big backpack across border and especially annoying going through multiple security checks just before and after the train rides.

The flight was rather short – only 3.5 hours.   The time to get the airport almost took just as long.  This was also my first time ever taking flight operated by mainland china airline.  Apparently it is already second largest airline.  However, both food and flight attendant services had a lot of room for improvement.

When we finally arrived in Kathmandu International Airport very late at night, the line-up to get the visa was not only long but also completely disorganized.  There were two lines, one for just paying the fee ($25 USD for 15 days)  the other for handing in the application form.  Unfortunately, those two line got mixed up and I ended up standing in the line that was not moving at all.  But this was not the worst problem, my friend passport was taken by a rather careless visa applicant standing in front of us. We would have been in a lot worst shape if that person keep taking the my friend’s passport and never came back.

But the most scary part was yet to come… it was the mini-van ride from airport back to hotel.  The ride itself was very short, only 15 or at most 20 minutes.  However, the ride became very “adventurous” when the van-mini was obvious too old to be even running on the road.  Also there was really no way that tiny almost unmovable thing could take eight passengers and all or heavy backpacks.  I kept smelling something was burning…. obvious sign of being way overloaded?!  I was just completely relived that we made it to the hotel FINALLY…



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