Day 14 – Nepal Day 13 – Pokhara to Nagarkok

There was not much activity that day, we spent 6 hours on the car for long long drive from Pokhara, passed Kathmandu then up to the top highest viewing point of Nagarkok.

At one of the quick stop where there was a small market, Kazi bought a few bags of beans for his wife.  And surprisingly we passed by Dawa’s mini bus and Kazi was able to pass all the stuff to Dawa.  Actually Dawa mini bus looks reasonably new, safe and comfortable.  If I travel to Nepal again, I must choice that instead of the special personal vehicle arrangement.  Saving both cost and environment!

After we arrived in Nagarkok, we just spent the rest of the day sitting around and reviewing all the pictures taken from the trip.  My friend was making detail note of each pictures.  I was too lazy at that time and only make point form note highlight what we have done so far.  That note became extremely helpful for creating this detail blog entries…


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