Day 13 – Nepal Day 12 – Trekking back to Pokhara


Before the longest descend trek back to Pokhara, we spent the morning taking a lot of very pretty pictures up in the secret viewing point. Normally everyone visiting Sarangkok would be all crowded in the top of the hill which is not necessary the best viewing point with the electrical wires getting into your pictures.

Here is a very nice video live-commented by my friend Betty during the easiest part of the descend.  Kazi was always a bit ahead of us (but to me, it is so far that I could never catch up to him =P) You can see Shree and Dawa staying behind and helped us while carry our heavy backpack.  You should notice the lack of huge tree along this walk… totally felt I could roll myself all the way into the lake =P

There were still half a day sight seeing in Pokhara and we decided to see Devi’s Fall.  Oh what a disappointment.  Especially with my legs were still aching from the trekking, we still walked for more than 45 minutes to see tiny “stream” and very weak water fall. The day ended lovely with a large feast with Kazi, Dawa and Shree to celebrate the safe & successful completion of  trekking.   Honestly, I had planned and expected helicopter rescue ;-)



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