Day 12 – Nepal Day 11 – Trekking Sarangkok


We couldn’t wait to get out of Chandrakok.  We skipped breakfast and started the day immediately after eating a couple biscuits.   The first part of the downhill walk was very easy, then we hopped on a local bus because Kazi believed we probably couldn’t handle walking all the way.  It was not hard, just long boring walk along a road.   What was supposed to shorten our trip ended up taking much longer because Dawa forgotten to take Kazi sleeping bag when he got off the bus.  So he had to run after the original bus until he finally caught up and bring back that sleeping bag which appears to have invisible legs =P

We ended up waiting for almost an hour in the bus stop before resume the long walk up to Sarangkok.  Due the that wait, we ended up walking up to Sarangkok in the brightest and hottest mid-day sun and my arms became uneven!!!  My right arm was noticeably a few tone darker than my left…

It was indeed very rewarding to finally arrive at Sarangkok.  The view was amazing and we were so lucky to bump into two very very cute baby goat twice!!


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