Day 7 – Nepal Day 6 – Pokhara pre-trek training

We got up early for a boat ride on Phewa Lake to see the sunrise.  It has been pretty amazing that we had been able to get up early during this trip.   The ride lasted for almost an hour.  It was a lot more stable than Chitwan canoe ride.  The view was a lot more magnificent with the surrounding mountains and lovely reflection from the lake.

After the boat ride, we sneaked into the police training area to take a few very nice picture of the “Fish Tail” and near by mountain.  At that time, we did not realize those were policemen.  We thought they were just high school kids having PE lesson =P  We then went back to hotel for breakfast after walked to the “International Mountain Museum”  That was an hour of very easy walk, our guide Kazi  probably used that as a training to make sure we could start getting used to more walking…

The museum was fairly new and there were a lot of information about all the famous mountains of Nepal, along with the history of the well-know climbing expedition as well as a lot of culture details about the different ethnic groups living in Nepal.  It was an very educational visit.

The most memorable thing of that day was our worry about losing Kazi’s sleeping bag.  It was a rush the day before and we did not carry all our stuff up to the hotel room.  For the whole day, we had that worry on the back of our mind.. Kazi did not score us for losing the sleeping bug but we felt very bad after we had discovered that’s actually from his brother who bought this from Switzerland.

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