Day 6 – Nepal Day 5 – Chitwan to Pokhara

Woke up early for morning bird watch.  But I don’t recall seeing anything very remarkable that I still remember.  What I remember the most of that morning was the lengthy breakfast because we were spending a lot of effort filling in the feedback sheet.  I have never needed to fill in such a detail form…

Since there was not worry with traffic jam, there was not need to rush to Pokhara, we so took our time to relax and finally get started in late morning.  We specially requested to stop by one of the community swing.  Both Nat and Betty could get on the swing but I was too short and heavy to get on there :(  so sad… looked like they had a lot of fun playing…

It was a bit pass noon when we arrived in our hotel in Pokhara. We first applied our trekking permit.  Then we need another kind of permit called TIMS but the office is moved.  So Kazi had to ask around for a long time to find one office but that not open because of earlier big festival holiday.  Kazi was a bit anxious in getting the TIMS permit done and this was the first time we have ever heard him sound angry when talking on his mobile.


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