Day 4 – Nepal Day 3 – Kathmandu to Chitwan

our room, quite okToday started slightly earlier than the day before because we wanted to avoid the busy traffic within Kathmandu city.  Yet, I thought the streets were already  jammed & chaotic.  The air quality within Kathmandu was really bad.  We later realized how dirty it was when we saw visibly dark (almost black) water as we washed hair later that day when we finally arrived Chitwan.

Chitwan is one the oldest nation park of Nepal. We did not stay inside Chitwan Park because it was too expensive, our resort is a neighbouring village close by the park.   The resort was of course not 5 or even 4 stars grade, but it was actually fairly nice and clean.  Unfortunately one the first day we arrived, there were no water.  It was really hard to imagine, located directly next to a river, yet, the water supply was still not stable.

first time being so close to something I eat daily...

If you may suffer from motion sickness easily, you should take some medicine before getting on an vehicle for the drive to Chitwan. Although Chitwan itself is a flatter lower land, the ride from Kathmandu to Chitwan was very winding when passing mountains around the Kathmandu Valley.

Although I eat rice almost everyday. Yet, I had never seen a stalk of rice until that day.  One of my friend actually counted, only 50 grains in one stalk.  Looking at the rice field and the harvest, it made me more appreciate the simple things.  I could then more understand why my old grandma used to told me not to even waste a single gain of rice.  It was a very pretty view…

interesting shadow viewThe most unexpected “surprise” of that day was on our way back from elephant breeding centre back to mini-van that would take us to the hotel.  We had to “trek” through a shallow river.  The current of the river was actually quite strong and the river bed was very rocky.  Luckily I had my sandal on so I did not need to worry about getting my feet wet.  But unfortunately, I was too short that no matter how high I attempted to pull up my pants, they still touched the water and I had to suffer from soaking wet pants (but  not for too long).  But those wearing shoes had to painfully walk on the rocky river bed… I bet that probably would feel like the painful feet reflexology therapy.

One last thing.. no matter how frequent I put more “Off” all of my legs and arms, the mosquitoes just NEVER stop sucking my blood…. so itchy… so ugly swollen…


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