Day 3 – Nepal Day 2 – Relaxing Kathmandu

Asan Tole - Vaisha Dv (God of Toothache)Woke up by the sound of pigeon and later music from the Yoga practice place closed to our hotel.  I warped my comfy scarf around, then put on my jacket and sat and watched the still dark sky gradually turning to light blue that morning.   It was peaceful and quiet.  What a way to start the day.   But later I felt tired and crawled back to my bed to laid down for a bit longer while waiting for my friends to get up.

local home visitToday is quite relaxing, we had a very big breakfast and sat around till 9:30am (or maybe ever later?!) to wait for our guide (Kazi) to meet us.  We walked around the town close to our hotel (Thamel).  Then we walked to local market (Asan Tole).  Eventually, we entered Durbar Square from the back street without paying the entrance fee =P  We have seen numerous Hindu temples and worshiping stones along the way.  So much that all the names became very fuzzy. Even looking back at travel guide book now, I have problem recalling exactly which temple is which when looking back at the pictures taken.

The thick wall keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winterOne of the most memorable part during this walk was our unpleasant attack by a few street kids who are probably under 7 or 8 years old.  One of my friend was wearing sandal during that walk.  Her feet became dirty and she used bottled water to clean her feet.  Probably because of that, the street kids thought we should have some drinking water to spare and asked us for water.  We refused to give them the water and they squeezed some kind of blue cleaning fluid (from a bottle likely picked up from garbage) to another one of my friend.  Now thinking back, I feel very silly to feel so frighten in that situation.  A bottle of drinking water did not cost that much.  Why not giving those kids one our bottle and move on.  I  later have learned from Kazi that water supply is actually not stable in Nepal.  There is no water supply everyday and I could then finally understand why the kids were asking for water.  I really should learn to respect my free and unlimited supply of drinking water from now on …. Also PROMISED, I will be more caring and understanding of other’s culture in the future.  I definitely shouldn’t let such harmless small things scared me so much!

Luckily, I do have very pleasant memory of the day.  After almost a whole day of walk, we took a relaxing break in Kazi’s nephew’s family house.  This was one of those older narrow building.  The door entrance was short and the inside very dark as soon as we entered.  Then we had to walked up a very narrow and steep stairs without handle up to the first floor to the sitting area.  The sitting area is small but cozy.  Very comfortable and rather cool.  There was only one  window in that room.  The window is not very big but it did let enough nature sunlight in.  After crazily taking a lot of pictures, we finally sat down and slowly enjoyed a cup of very sweet and nice milk tea and very crumbly but not too sweet cookies.   It was such an enjoyable experience to sit, chat and relax. I have finally found the reason why having local guide is so important. Without him, we probably would be able to have such local house visit by just following the walking route from lonely planet.

After the tea break, we stopped by trekking equipment shop and rented one of the sleeping bag.  And I also bought a good pair of thick hiking socks.  I don’t remember the price, but it was definitely cheaper than Canada.  I was just glad that I had that because without that  I feet would have suffered a lot more blisters…

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