Day 0-continue: Baby/young kids crying symphony

Oct 8 was completely spent in being trapped inside the flight from YVR to HKG.  The sit was great and the on-demand video selection is awesome (but definitely can feel the system is not stable) and sometimes a bit slow to response.  Felt like I had super-power  to be able  to pause, fast forward and backward any movie/tv.   Choice of both movie and tv was plentiful too.  I think it will take a few flights to finish all content.    This would have been perfect flying experience if there were not almost 10 kids sitting close to me.  Those kids would think landing and take-off time is the best time to perform  marathon crying symphony.  Entertainment system has to shutoff, so we all have to focus on their crying.  Crying was actually only one of the problem.  Much worse was when they kid throw-up and cause the entire section smell like awful spoiled milk.  I totally support mark off a section for parent with kids.  So I know where to avoid!!!




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