Recipes for Disaster

This is a documentary about how a Finnish family adapting a "Low-Carb(on)" life for a year.  It is definitely an interesting film  about climate change and how or if it is possible to adopt a new way of life to save the over-heated earth.  The tension between the husband (the film marker) and his wife was quiet interesting to keep you watching. 

Being aware how much we depends on crude and crude-by-product (plastic) is one thing.  But completely cutting off from that and imagine life without crude and crude-by-product  is a definitely impossible now-a-day.   That family was already living a low emission way of life comparing to typical typical North American families.  Living in a cold country like Finland makes it extremely hard truly cut to down zero carbon emission.  I am already quite impressed with 52% drop in total.

There are lessons to learn from that documentary.  For example, throwing away perfectly good plastic household items and switching to home made toothpaste definitely is over-do and not necessary.   At the end, these action did not lead to huge or any reduction in carbon consumption.   I think one should know where to draw the line when trying to save the environment.

However, simpler change such as switching to public transportation and using train instead if plane to travel has made a huge different.  Yes, those may take longer time, but you also "gain" more time during the travel instead of being stuck in traffic jam and swearing at the stupid driver in front of you. 

The family has proven it is possible to life a low carbon emission life.   And some of the change is very simple and easy to do without scarifying.


p.s. this receipt post is not my usual recipe post ;-)

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