TVB Sunday’s File – The Moving Years (流徙歲月)

This 30 mins documentary is about migrant worker children.  I felt absolutely outrage about 2nd class citizen treatment for migrant workers, despite he and his family have been contributing to the city for years.  They still have to pay 10 times for school fee (comparing the local).   There is also no medical insurance coverage.  It is mind-bothering to see the lack freedom in choosing where to live in main land China.
I was also deeply moved by the 13 years old migrant worker’s daughter.   She is a very smart honor-roll student.  Her family is very poor.  On average earning 900 yen per month (which is less than $200 CAD).  There is practically no money left after paying rent, food for family.  That littler girl still stays very positive and just really happy that she can spend time with family.   The thing that impress me the most is even at this young age, she is very mature and thinking of how she can help out the family.
I really wish I can find a way to help that family.

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